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Informatic Applied Science Learning Center of Iran has started it’s activity in implementing the license no.24/1/1501 of 2001-08-01 of the ministry of Science, Research and Technology in the year 2001 in Tehran.

Associate Degree Courses

undergraduate courses

This center in one of the Applied Science branches of country as a leading center in education, research, production and promotion of beneficial science,  development of science and technology boundries with a scientific reference and  islamic and revolutionary identity, that countinues it’s activities in seven  specialized majors of information technology in discontinuous bachelor and associate grades with accepting eager and applicant collegians to enter the business market.

Informatic Applied Science Learning Center has developed and grown quantitatively and qualitatively as one of the most specialized applied and science centers of information technology field according to the accessible facilities until now, and always has attempted to provide a proper environment for it’s collegians for promoting the culture and knowledge, and advancing the researches according to the propers and conditions of the capital.